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Edward Senf

Edward Senf


Edward Senf is a Brooklyn-based typographic artist. Intrigued by how people develop their perceptions of visual stimuli, his work features sayings that at a glance seem playful, but when the viewer reflects the message in a subjective way, Edward seeks to nudge his audience to live a fuller life, take risks, reach unknown heights and enjoy the dope things that surround us.


His latest series “Closer” pushes further, averaging 120 for his larger pieces, encouraging his viewers to become physically closer to his work not only to see the detail, but also note the value of slowing down, filling one’s space with intent and in the bigger picture, interpreting the daily chaos we encounter in a more simplified way.


Edward aims to continue exploring the connection between the meaning of words and the ways to form their shape on a surface, soon to fill even larger canvases while still maintaining the balance between purpose & simplicity.