defi the norm



DEFI will make it's debut at SCOPE Miami Beach 2017 on December 5-10. 

Luis Aguilera will feature limited edition pieces from his series “Thalassophile”, which means lover of the oceans, exclusively at the DEFI booth. His drone photography captures the beaches of Miami Beach, FL; Waipo’o Valley, Waimea Beach, and Two Step in Hawaii; and the surfers in Malibu, CA. Mesmerized by the beachside scene and its ocean-adjacent atmosphere, this series focuses on the immensity and power of the ocean and how small people are in comparison. Capturing moments that feel authentic and true to the experience of being by the ocean, Aguilera’s series shows how no matter how different humans are, we are all captured the same 400 ft. in the air. 

For more information on Luis Aguilera Photography, visit his website,, and follow his drone adventures on Instagram, @lgaguilera