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Luis Aguilera

Luis Aguilera was born in Caracas, Venezuela and is a Miami/NYC-based photographer, artist and award-winning Creative. Luis spearheaded the art collective, DEFI the Norm (DEFI), in 2008 as a way to unite various artists who want to question common practices through art. Luis explores his art through the use of photography, specifically drone photography, and always been intrigued by the innovative ways that photography can capture a moment, especially shots near water. With the use of various drones, Aguilera has been able to capture moments that were only available to those who had access to a helicopter. With his drone photography, Aguilera has been able to capture stunning photos of the oceans in different parts of the world. His series, “Thalassophile”, which means lover of the oceans, has explored the beaches of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale in Florida as well as Ocho Rios, Jamaica. He’s also captured the exotic beaches in Waipo’o Valley, Waimea Beach, and Two Step in Hawaii. 


His work has been featured in multiple publications such as VICE, Buzzfeed, Mirror UK and exhibits in New York City, Miami and Paris. As Luis continues to focus on his aerial photography, he is also spending more time on his paintings and illustrations. 

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